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Dive into Torroella & l´Estartit

New campaing to advertise and promote the destination

New initiative of the Town Council Tourism Department to promote the destination during the low season with a different, more attractive and innovative image and message.
There are two objectives to the campaign:
- Raising interest in our destination and encouraging an increase in visitors during the spring and autumn;
- Increasing the number of followers, fans and users on our social networks through new online campaigns.
This new campaign includes:
- A graphic image that can be applied to brochures, catalogues, dossiers and, when required, advertisements in the media.
- Creation of a microsite on our websites www.visitestartit.cat and www.visittorroella.cat in 4 languages with a view to promoting specific products aimed at different sectors of 50+ Tourism, Active Tourism and getaways, and others that may change according to offers by establishments and to target public.
- Specific online campaign that generates expectations among all publics with a view to national weekend tourism and international tourism, and emphasis on the Scandinavian, British and French markets.
The campaign may be quantified and monitored using the corresponding statistical and analytical results.


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