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Enjoy with the family the many experiences that Torroella de Montgrí-l’Estartit offers you.
Do not think about it anymore and come visit us. Wonderful holidays are expecting you!

Family Holidays

Torroella de Montgrí-L’Estartit’s climate and setting, in the heart of the Costa Brava and inside the Montgrí, Medes Islands and Baix Ter Natural Park, make it the ideal place for a wonderful holiday doing all sorts of different activities, including diving or snorkelling in the Medes Islands, hiking in the Montgrí Massif, cultural visits in Torroella and birdwatching in Baix Ter. There is something to please everybody and to share with all the family! Holiday accommodation is varied and comfortable, retaining the friendly atmosphere and charm of its origins, the perfect finishing touch for an unforgettable holiday with us. Bring the family and enjoy the huge choice of experiences that Torroella de Montgrí-L’Estartit has to offer. Don’t think twice about it, just come and visit us. You’ll have the time of your life!

The Mediterranean Museum, in Torroella, exhibits elements that enable you to learn about parts of Mediterranean history, nature and music. The museum organises different tours to help you discover first-hand the area and its heritage, including a visit to an old medieval water mine, located in the town itself: 130 metres of underground tunnels, a visit suitable for over sevens.

You can travel back in your imagination to the time of medieval knights and princesses just by walking through the old part of Torroella de Montgrí, as you’ll find the remains of the old ramparts, like the Witches’ Tower or Saint Catherine’s Gateway. These places hide legends that you can discover by taking part in the guided tours run by the Mediterranean Museum and the Tourist Office

If you want to enjoy activities in the great outdoors, just imagine that you are an explorer and discover every single corner of the Park. There are lots of different trails to walk or cycle along through the Baix Ter natural wetlands, as well as paths to discover the coastline and the Montgrí Massif.

Climb to the very top of the Empordà. Visit Montgrí castle. It is just an hour’s walk up to a really attractive landmark: a medieval castle, with ramparts, towers and spiral stairways leading up to the top of the fortress, where you can see breath-taking views of the Empordà.

Have a go at the River Ter Route in Torroella de Montgrí

The path follows the course of the River Ter. Along the way, you will discover things connected with the river and you will be surprised by the apple orchards and other interesting sights, too.

Go for a walk in the natural wetlands and salt marshes. Ter Vell and La Pletera beach in L’Estartit This is a pleasant walk leading to an area of lagoons and marshes of great ecological interest, where you can observe water birds. You can also go as far as the Gola del Ter, the mouth of one of the most important rivers in the province of Girona.

L’Estartit is a seaside resort boasting five kilometres of beaches with absolutely stunning views. A mile from the coast lies the archipelago of the Medes Islands, one of the most important marine wildlife nature reserves in the Mediterranean. It is a paradise for marine nature lovers and fans of diving. You can choose other options like kayaking, sailing, paddle surfing and kitesurfing if you prefer. You can also go for a trip on one of the various types of boats that leave from L’Estartit harbour. Along the Montgrí coastline nestle little coves that you can reach by a pleasant walk, by boat or kayak.

The municipality boasts a wide stretch of coastline, over 15 km long, with a mixture of beaches and rocky shores.

The sandy beaches with their shallow water are ideal for all the family. They all provide basic facilities and have different zones for swimming and water sports clearly marked by buoys. La Pletera beach deserves special mention for the appeal of its natural beauty and for the different environmental restoration actions carried out here within the framework of the EU’s LIFE programme. All along the seafront, there are various children’s playparks and rest areas.

The kids can do loads of different activities in this fenced-off, openair play area. They can take part in water games, leisure and sports activities, children’s workshops… You name it, boys and girls can have a great time here doing whatever they like in complete safety, supervised by trained instructors. This activity is free of charge for kids from 4 to 10 years old and opening times in July and August are 10.30 am – 1.30 pm and 3 pm – 6 pm. The Beach Library, next door to the Mini Beach Club, is suitable for all members of the family that want to borrow a good book to read on the beach.

You can find playparks for children of all different ages both in the town of Torroella and by the seaside. In summer the tourist train tours different spots in the municipality.

All the local festivals and fairs scheduled in the municipality are organised with children very much in mind, so whichever event you choose on the festival calendar you will find all sorts of different activities aimed at kids.

Three Kings’ Parade and Festivity


Saint George’s Day

“Empordà, cuisine and health” Fair – Torroella

– International Magic Fair (FIMAG) – Torroella
– Midsummer Eve Celebrations

– Carmel Festivity – L’Estartit
– “Giants” Procession – L’Estartit
– Saint Anna’s Day – L’Estartit
– Beatles Weekend
– L’Estartit

– Saint Genesius’ Day – Torroella

– Catalonia National Day
– Medes Islands Pirate and Corsair Show – L’Estartit

– Saint Catherine’s Day Gathering – Torroella
– Saint Andrew’s Fair – Torroella

Enjoy all the benefits of a real Family Holiday Destination

Since 2007, Torroella de Montgrí-L’Estartit has been a certified Family Holiday Destination (DTF), a seal issued by the Catalan Tourist Agency, part of the Catalan Autonomous Government, to distinguish towns that are geared up for great family holidays. This means that they provide special services for families; guaranteed safety; a wide range of child-focused entertainment and activities; special facilities for little ones in public spaces, accommodation and complementary services; easy access to information regarding daily activity programmes so as to plan your stay better; child-friendly accommodation and food options; ID bracelets for little ones; a kids’ club on the beach and a beach library, and special paths for walking and cycling

A destination with a whole lot to offer

Torroella de Montgrí-L’Estartit’s climate and setting, in the heart of the Costa Brava and inside the Montgrí, Medes Islands and Baix Ter Natural Park, make it the ideal place for a wonderful holiday doing all sorts of different activities