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12th Meeting of Mediterranean Music

30th, 31st March and1st April

The Mediterranean is undoubtedlya sea of exile . His story is a story of continuous movements of people fleeing war, poverty, intolerance and repression. Unfortunately, the phenomenon is fully present in this moment and our sea is a scene that sad spectacle has outraged and awe.
From the XII Meeting of Mediterranean music, that will take place on the 30th31st of March and on the 1st of April , we will highlight the rich cultural and human that provides anyone who comes to our house having left everything the had. So this year we will focus on current or recent songs of exile, showing the voices, music and dance Palestinians, Greeks, Armenians and Syrian Kurds, remembering at the same time, our own past not so distant fields and unworthy of flights on sandy beaches.

More information: www.trobadesdemusica.cat

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