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An idyllic place to enjoy a family holiday

Family-friendly tourism
The climate and geographical location of the town, in the heart of the Costa
Brava, in the Nature Park of Montgrí, Medes Islands and Baix Ter offers an
idyllic place to enjoy a family holiday.

Sun and beach
The municipality has a wide strip of coastline 15.1 km long, 5.4 km distributed between 9.7 km of beach and rocky coast.
The beaches of fine sand and shallow waters are ideal for the whole family.
Not including the beach of Pletera, which attracts more for its natural beauty and rugged settings, the whole coastline provides the visitor with all basic services required. Water-sport zones are clearly marked with visible buoys.
At the end of the maritime promenade, which runs alongside the beach, there are various playgrounds and communal areas to rest.

Excursions to the coves
The Montgrí coast has small coves which can be visited by taking an enjoyable excursion on foot, by boat or kayak.
Places of peaceful, natural beauty where the visitor can enjoy snorkelling and scuba-diving.

Maritime Excursions
From the harbour of Estartit you can take a trip on a glass bottom boat to the Medes Islands or sail along the coast enjoying the richness of the seabed and observing hundreds of species of fish, corals, algae and invertebrates that inhabit the area.

In various parts of the town, in the centre and on the beach, you can find children's playgrounds catering for children of different ages.

More fun for little ones
All festivals and fairs programmed in the local area are organised with families and children in mind. For this reason throughout the year in all local festivals and events there are children's entertainment groups, workshops,shows and activities aimed at children and families.

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